The need for specialist advice:

It is up you and your partner to agree on the best arrangements for your children following divorce or separation.

Unfortunately, there are times when a solution cannot be found, which is why our specialist solicitors are here to help. Whether you feel you’re having difficulty with your situation or not, it’s important to ensure that no problems arise and that court proceedings aren’t always necessary.  We can assist with a referral to mediation if you want to consider the issues in a less formal setting

Let our experience make yours that much easier:

Deciding where your child should live and how often they will see each parent is known as ‘child arrangements. Our team of expert family lawyers can advise you on all aspects of child arrangements law including:

  • Where a child/children will live
  • How often the child/children will see the other party
  • Dealing with Court proceedings

We always try to resolve any child arrangement issues without the need for formal proceedings. However, if you and your partner cannot reach an agreement, we will go to court to settle the arguments.  The court will look at what it considers to be in the best interests of the child.

Certain situations, such as protecting your child from an abusive partner, will often need to be referred to the court.

Need expert advice? Let us help:

To discuss contact and residence and family mediation please contact:

  • Diane Matthews at our Accrington office on 01254 236221
  • Tanya Magell, Karen Reid and Diane Matthews at our Blackburn office on 01254 272640
  • Suzanne Crook, Mark Taylor, Carolyn Ford and Sophie Raby at our Bury office on 0161 761 4611
  • Alison Nolan at our Clitheroe office on 01200 408300
  • Louise Daniel at our Haslingden office on 01706 213356
  • David Connor and Jack Heyes at our Rawtenstall office on 01706 225621