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The need for specialist advice:

Many couples will choose to live together without entering into a marriage or civil partnership, however you may be surprised to learn that couples in this situation have very little legal protection.

Cohabitating couples may sometimes make agreements between themselves about who pays certain bills, however properties may not always be in joint names, so if the relationship breaks down it can be very difficult to sort out the financial matters.

Our specialist legal advice is essential to protect cohabiting couples where marriage or civil partnership is not an option.

Cohabitation Agreements

A Cohabitation Agreement is a document which sets out what happens in the event of separation. It can be as short or as long as you need to cover the arrangements that are necessary, and can also include details about the financial responsibilities of each party while living together.

Declaration of Trust

A Declaration of Trust deals with the property rights and ensures the parties receive a fair proportion of the proceeds of sale, should the relationship break down.


A Will ensures the surviving partner has sufficient financial resources made available to them.

Need expert advice? Let us help:

If you find yourself in a dispute following a separation, then it is essential to take expert advice as soon as possible.

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