Internet (“cyber”) fraud notice for clients

You may have seen news reports of the growing problem of internet or cyber fraud, by which criminals detect, monitor and intercept email traffic so as then to steal mortgage funds or your money through several methods.

Although transactional matters are usually targeted the most this warning applies to all matters. Some fraudsters will try and pretend to be us or someone in the firm to try and make you go along with their fraud. Sometimes they may infect systems and collect your data and electronic documents to send to you a spoof e mail from a known individual in the firm which is difficult to spot as it is very similar, if not the same, to our e mail address. However, the language and grammar in this type of e mail may be very different to that normally used by us.

In addition, if any one calls you asking about the case or your personal details and it seems suspicious then end the call and call us back and ask to speak to the fee earner or one the team dealing with your case. Be vigilant always and if in any doubt call us to discuss in person.

Regarding e-mails, we maintain appropriate safeguards to ensure the best security and confidentiality of all such communications that we can achieve, but given the growing risks of this form of crime please note that:

  • We will be unable to accept email instructions from you to remit any monies due to you any bank account other than an account you have notified to us when we previously took your fuller instructions and where we have enough evidence of that account; and
  • When we send you details of our bank account it will be via an encrypted e mail or by post; and
  • We will NOT notify of any change of our bank details to you via email. If you receive an e mail saying otherwise it is likely to be fraudulent and you should call us in person about this. Be wary of any request to make a payment which seems unusual especially to any third-party account. Again, this could be a fraud and you should call us in person; and
  • Please be careful to check our account details with us in person before sending any money to us. We will not accept responsibility if you transfer money into an incorrect account.
  • WARNING: If you are asked to send monies to a different bank account from that we have notified you about or if you have any suspicions whatsoever as to the authenticity of any email or other correspondence from Woodcocks Haworth & Nuttall, Solicitors, please contact us immediately.

Our bank details and our email addresses will never be changed by e mail notification to you.

Assume they will not change during the lifetime of your case.

Always check the email address on incoming mail.

All our emails end in

Always be vigilant and check with us anything which seems suspicious