£10million agricultural funding pot available

Farmers and land managers are able to apply for new grants to help them protect the environment and reduce water pollution, environment minister Dan Rogerson has announced.

Around £10million government funding is available under The Water Capital Grants which aims to reduce the impact agriculture can have on water quality.

Funding explained

Water Capital Grants build on the success of the Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) initiative. The 2015 grants are a transition between CSF and the new Countryside Stewardship Scheme

The scheme considers grants for works which land owners and land managers to improve water management and quality on their land and to help reduce pollution to water from agriculture.  The application window closes on 30 April, 2015.

What type of works qualify for funding?

  • Relocation of sheep dips and pens.
  • Providing drinking troughs as an alternative to watercourse drinking for livestock.
  • Preventing livestock access to watercourses by erecting watercourse fencing.
  • Roofing of sprayer wash-down areas, manure storage areas, livestock gathering areas, slurry stores and silage stores.

How can I apply?

Interested parties are being advised to contact their Catchment Sensitive farming officer for further details. Click here

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