Warning over low value compensation claims

It is over 12 months since the Government introduced a new system for dealing with personal injury claims which requires all low value claims to go through an online portal.

Woodcocks Haworth and Nuttall’s Pam Roberts warns that while this element of the Jackson Reforms has speeded up the claims process it could mean that claims are not being handled by those experienced in personal injury.

“The portal and associated claims management process is designed to speed up the settlement of claims by introducing strict timescales and fixed legal fees for various stages of the process.

This has forced many law firms to refrain from carrying out the work as there is a conflict between a firm’s ability to stay profitable and a desire to provide a quality service. Others have transferred the work to unqualified or inexperienced staff which means that in many cases Claimants may find themselves dealing with junior members of staff or claim handlers that have no legal experience.

At WHN, we are different. We are committed to delivering quality advice and our established Personal Injury team handles each case.

Injuries sustained in a car accident, while at work or in a public place with damages valued at below £25,000.00 are now classed by the Government as low value.

We think every injury can be significant, especially where the injured person does not work. Serious injuries which may require a claim of up to £25,000 will certainly not be thought as low value to clients and so we are here to help.

Even small injuries can affect people’s ability to work and carry out normal, day-to-day activities such as picking the kids up from school. For elderly people a small injury can hamper their ability to carry on living independently.

Whether your claim is worth £1,000 or £25,000, you will always gain our expert attention.”


If you require further information on how we can support your claim, please contact Tanzeela Aslam or Catherine Hamilton on 0161 761 4611 or email Tanzeela.Aslam@whnsolicitors.co.uk/Catherine.Hamilton@whnsolicitors.co.uk