Property Q & A: Homeowner name change

I own a property with my husband. When we bought it, we were not married and therefore, it is in my maiden name. Now that we are married, do I need to do anything to change that?

Your ownership of the property will be registered at the Land Registry and therefore, its records will show that the property is in joint names, albeit in your previous name. Typically, the times when you are likely to have to show evidence of your change of name will either be if you decide to re-mortgage the property or when you come to sell it.

At that time, the register will need to be amended and evidence of your marriage in the form of a certified copy of your marriage certificate will need to be supplied to show your name change. There is no need to do that now. However, if you do wish to do so, you could ask the Land Registry to change its records now by producing a certified copy of your marriage certificate to them. It is an extremely simple procedure for which there will be no fee to pay. The choice as to when you attend to this is a matter for you.

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