Senior partner features in Bury Times

The Bury Times recently featured our Senior Partner, David McCann in the Personal file section of their paper.  This is what he had to say:-


My family moved to Bury in 1965.  I was born in 1966 at Fairfield Hospital and have lived all of my life in Bury.  Initially I went to Greenhill Primary, St Stephen’s Juniors and Bury Church of England High School.


At 16 I left school and went to work for Bury MBC as a “pool junior”.  This involved what was then known as day release where I went to college to undertake a BTEC in business studies and public administration over two years at Bury College whilst being trained in various departments.  I started off in leisure services and moved into education and finally settled in Bury MBC’s legal department.


I have to deal with managing the business  and developing the business plan.  This requires me to have commercial acumen in understanding both business and the change in legal market and also be able to work on a personal level with owner managers of all shapes and sizes in what can be very difficult circumstances.  In short I need to be a diplomat, a facilitator and have to have a very sharp commercial mind.


I need to be a qualified solicitor and have a current Practicing Certificate.


I was involved in a  particularly acrimonious piece of litigation where a client sued their insurers who had refused to pay out on what I believed was a genuine claim.  The judge found in favour of my client in all respects and the insurance company had to make payment of the whole claim, interest and costs.  This was an occasion where we really were able to turn the tables.  Secondly, as senior partner the merger of Woodcocks and  Haworth & Nuttall is, I believe, the most important step in the history of our two firms which goes back to 1791.  Also being unanimously asked to be the senior partner of the new enlarged firm is a memory that will not fade.