Many people have been affected by cancer, either directly or through someone they know and while treatment and results are improving steadily it remains one of the most significant and life changing events a person can experience.

We understand that you or a member of your family will have had to come to terms with the physical and emotional effects of cancer. You may even have lost a loved one. To have concerns about the diagnosis or treatment received can add to the burden and cause even more stress and worry.

When things go wrong

There are certain circumstances when a GP or hospital doctor should reasonably suspect and refer a patient for investigation and that investigation should lead to a correct diagnosis and timely treatment.

Sometimes this doesn’t happen and if there is a delay in correctly diagnosing cancer it could have an impact on the patient’s life expectancy, the type of treatment available to them and the length of time that treatment will last.

In some cases, this delay has been caused by the negligence of a doctor or medical establishment and that negligence has had an impact on the patient’s chances of recovery. Our solicitors have considerable experience in handling this difficult and sensitive area of clinical negligence.

How can Woodcocks, Haworth & Nuttall help you?

Our specialist solicitors will offer you support and advice on making a claim against a medical practitioner or establishment for negligently failing to diagnose and treat cancer, whether you are making a claim in connection with your own treatment or on behalf of a family member who has passed away. We can also offer advice on dealing with financial needs, state benefits and your employment and other rights.

Do I have to fund a claim myself?

Many of our claims are funded on a No Win No Fee basis through After the Event Insurance, which means you won’t have to worry about legal costs during your case.

How can I make a claim?

1. If you think you may have a claim contact us by emailing or calling 0161 761 4611

2. One of our qualified experts will then discuss the fact of your case

3. If you have a case then we will investigate it on a No Win No Fee basis

Why choose Woodcocks, Haworth & Nuttall?

Woodcocks, Haworth and Nuttall has a highly experienced medical negligence team. Our expert and caring solicitors are focussed on helping our clients with their recovery and rehabilitation during what is a difficult and emotional time.

We understand that the effects are not just limited to the injured party but can impact the lives of other family members and loved ones. This is why our team has a shared purpose to help rebuild lives that have been shattered by an adverse incident or event.

Our expert and caring team of medical negligence solicitors have successfully represented thousands of people from across the country with their medical negligence claims.

After the event insurance

Please view our video on After The Event Insurance.