• 18 FEB 15
    Wills and Probate – beware of the risks

    Wills and Probate – beware of the risks

    A worrying number of people are preparing a Will online or going to unqualified, unregulated and uninsured companies instead of a solicitor. Partner, Stephen Parr warns that without professional legal advice, a cheap Will could turn into an expensive mistake.

    Unfortunately Wills that turn into disputes are now all too common. Court battles over the mismanagement of wills have more than doubled in two years. The number of cases at London’s High Court rose from 47 in 2010 to 107 in 2012.

    A great number of these disputes derive from the Will being drafted incorrectly. The consequences of a poorly drafted Will or negligent advice relating to the preparation of a Will often only become evident in the event of death when the estate is in the process of being administered.

    In our world of complicated modern finances and property ownership there are many pitfalls that can catch the unwary DIY probate applicants and render them personally liable to claims not only by HM Revenue and Customs but also by creditors and disgruntled beneficiaries.

    Too often, we see estates which have been incorrectly administered which incur significant time and costs to put right. In the case of a dispute, the estate can sometimes be left in limbo and its value could end up being reduced to foot the bill of associated fees.

    The cost of making a Will prepared by a qualified solicitor is not as expensive as people think. At WHN we can provide you with a fixed fee in advance and once your Will has been signed, we offer a safe storage facility at our offices completely free of charge.

    The importance of making a Will is one of the biggest financial planning steps you can take, so for peace of mind, do not hesitate to contact us to arrange an appointment.

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