• 12 JAN 17
    Online divorce: the dangers of a DIY split

    Online divorce: the dangers of a DIY split

    While a DIY divorce offers a quick and cheap split, so is an appealing option for separating couples, they can have potentially damaging consequences.

    An online divorce adopts a one-size-fits-all approach and usually only deals with the administrative process of changing your status from married to single.

    Most online divorces do not take into account the dividing of financial assets, and WHN has seen a marked rise in the number of divorcees seeking advice following a DIY split that has gone wrong.

    A clean financial break

    Many people don’t realise that a divorce doesn’t end the ability to make a financial claim against your former partner, or your ex-spouse claiming money from you. Only a clean break order can unbind you financially.

    Most basic DIY divorces don’t take these documents into account, so it’s therefore vital that you seek legal advice to prevent financial claims indefinitely and protect the assets you’ve built up over your lifetime. This includes property you own and money in both the bank and your pension pot.

    Even if you have little or no assets, you can make sure you get a clean financial break on divorce by obtaining a court order dismissing your financial claims against each other.

    This is important as there is no time limit for these claims and unless there is a final order, your former partner may be able to make a claim years in the future, for example should your salary increase, you win the lottery or inherit a substantial sum.

    We have also acted for clients who have issued divorce proceedings themselves but then had their petition refused by the court. On seeking our advice, we have been able to amend the petition but the process has taken longer and incurred further court fees and higher legal costs than if we had been instructed initially.

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