Fatal accidents

The need for specialist advice:

Losing someone you love is always devastating – but if the loss is due to an accident or negligence you are entitled to answers as well as compensation.

Families who have lost a loved one typically approach us in search of justice rather than money, but compensation remains very important.

The deceased may have been the breadwinner or contributed financially to the family, who are perfectly entitled to claim for the loss.

Let our experience make yours that much easier:

At Woodcocks Haworth and Nuttall our sensitive and sympathetic lawyers have broad experience and extensive technical knowledge of fatal accident claims.

We will strive tirelessly to find the answers to your question of ‘why’ – and fight for the financial compensation you deserve.

Need expert advice? Let us help:

Please contact either Berin Jones at our Haslingden office on 01706 213356 or Pam Roberts at our Bury office on 0161 761 4611 to discuss any aspect of this area of law.