Anaesthesia errors

The need for specialist advice:

Having a surgical operation can be daunting enough, but you can at least expect to be unconscious during the procedure.

However, sometimes mistakes are made and parents remain awake during their operation – in great pain, but unable to tell anyone they can feel the surgery taking place.

This can have catastrophic consequences for some patients and the support of expert lawyers is vital to maximise a compensation award.

Let our experience make yours that much easier:

At Woodcocks Haworth and Nuttall, we often deal with cases of anaesthetic awareness, in which the anaesthetics given to a patient have successfully paralysed them but failed to give them enough pain relief.

Often the patient suffers psychiatric disorder, such as flashbacks, and cannot return to their job. In addition, the individual is understandably unwilling to undergo any further surgery that may be necessary.

Our team of experienced specialists will ensure you receive the highest level of compensation. We work tirelessly with you to build a winning case, while providing the support you and your family need to cope with the potentially life-altering results of anaesthetic errors.

Need expert advice? Let us help:

Please contact Pam Roberts at our Bury office on 0161 761 4611 to discuss any aspect of medical negligence.