Unfair dismissal

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Unfair dismissal is a traumatic experience that can leave individuals feeling isolated and helpless – but it does not have to be that way.

If you believe you have been unfairly dismissed, we can assist you with our sharp technical skills and wide-ranging experience of this complex area of law.

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Our approachable employment lawyers will take the time to fully understand your situation – and get you the compensation you deserve if have a case for unfair dismissal.

Unfair dismissal occurs when you make a successful claim against your employer that their decision to dismiss you was unlawful. If you were dismissed for valid reasons, but your employer handled the process unreasonably, you can also claim for unfair dismissal.

Constructive dismissal arises when an employer breaches a term of your contract and you resign as a result. Examples of constructive dismissal are non-payment of wages and ignoring valid grievances.

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